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She has been engaged in the dance education from the very beginning of her career, starting with the general contemporary dance techniques such as Cunningham and Graham, extending further to the dance and movement analysis, creative movement and composition.

Working with a wide range of people such as professional dancers, amateur dancers, actors, musicians, children and non-dancers, wishing to experience creative movement, she has developed a personal approach related to her dance experience and she dedicates herself to the individual needs of each participant in  the class.

Since 1997 till 2009 she has been an artistic director and active teacher in Dance Studio Intakt in Ljubljana, a dance organization which invites teachers and offers a wide range of programs from various contemporary dance techniques, classical ballet, creative workshops, modern dance, jazz, yoga and various ethnic dances. In the context of Intakt she also directed a group of dedicated amateur dancers which functioned as a repertory group, working with several internationally invited choreographers and performing both in Slovenia and abroad.

For a six year period she was also a regular teacher of contemporary dance technique at the High School for Contemporary Dance in Ljubljana, where she concentrated  mostly on the body placement based on the Cunningham dance technique as a part of professional dance training.

When she started exploring the history of dance she started to give classes of Early Dance, especially Italian and French Renaissance - 15. and 16. century, Baroque Dance - 17. and 18. century and English Country Dances, based on the original dance notation as found in the primary sources. This work has been  developed mostly with actors, dancers and musicians interested in the related movement and theatre tradition. Since October 2013 she is developing her own platform of Baroque Dance masterclasses under the title “Skok v barok“.

From December 2014 she appears as a movement, dance and early dance consultant within the european project “eeemerging - Emerging European Ensembles“, directed by Centre Culturel de Rencontre d’Ambronay and in partnership with SEVIQC Festival Brežice.

As the Rehearsal Director of EnKnapGroup in Ljubljana she contributes largely to all of the movement educational projects organised by the company.

She has been teaching extensively in many dance institutions all over Slovenia, and has been invited as a a guest teacher for various dance forms in Austria (Vienna), France (Paris, Compiegne, Equan), Croatia (Rijeka), Montenegro (Podgorica) and Italy (Trieste, Gradisca d’Isonzo).

Cunningham technique based class

and general movement principles deriving from this technique

for professionals and amateur dancers with previous movement experience.

Body placement  and basic creative movement

for children, beginner adults and non-dancers.

Historical dance forms from 15th to 18th century: Baroque and Renaissance

for dancers, actors and musicians and anyone interested in the discovering of early dances.

Individual dance classes for dance related sports

for people training dance related sports such as sports gymnastics, figure skating, twirling and

majorettes, ect.

Foto: Marco Finsterwald