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Tanja Skok and Xavier Diaz-Latorre

Tanja Skok

Xavier Diaz-Latorre

Tanja Skok, Xavier Diaz-Latorre

Gal Škerjanec Skobrne

Leon Curk

Luka Curk, Hotimir Knific, Omar Ismail

Luka Umek, Ida Hellsten, Uršula Teržan

Tamas Tuza

Specially created for the 5th edition of the festival Nacionala.

30.11.2013 at 20.00 in Španski borci-culture center, Ljubljana.

The authors have recently been focusing on joining various forms of Baroque music and dance, combining both the baroque and contemporary dance codes.

The musician is divided between the historic and contemporary expressions, as the specific guitar sound and parts place him in the 17th century. When performing music and dance from an older era, the question of historic authenticity is often raised and each performer deals with it in their own way. For the authors, at this stage the establishment of communication and intense dialogue is vital. The general idea is the search for communication on all posible levels, which is also the main topic of their commmon project BACH e-motion.

This time, the contact was realised live via an interfacing medium, thus adding a new challenge to an already multifaceted language of expression.

The sound and movement dialogue covered the distance between Ljubljana/Slovenia and St.Petersburg/Russia, with the help of internet connection.

After filming a short video, this short piece is the next step in their colaboration research.

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